Our Caregiver of the Month: Diane Clark

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Our staff is always amazed by the stories of the wonderful caregivers and this one is no different. Help us with congratulating Diane Clark of Avalon Hospice!

I wanted to let you know just how wonderful Diane was and how very much she helped my Mother, my husband and myself during my Mom’s passing.
Diane sat me down and explained Mom’s current condition and what she was doing to ease Mom’s passing to minimize her pain and suffering. This also helped to put me more at ease. She has an excellent gift of sensing the needs of those she is interacting with. We both talked about our families which turned our rather amusing at times. We discovered that no matter where you come from and regardless of your background, a lot of families share the same situations and experiences.

Diane’s presence and professional down-to-earth demeanor were very instrumental in easing not only my Mother’s pain and suffering but ours as well. We feel blessed to have had Diane attend to our Mom during this trying time. Her obvious dedication to her job and profession should be commended.

– Nominated by Sandra Davis

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