Funerals Are for the Living

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A very important fact is that funerals are very much for the living. A funeral plays a very important role in the grieving process and allows an opportunity for family and friends to say goodbyes. Family and friends can receive support from one another, an important part of helping people cope with a loss.

When a loved one passes, the funeral is about them, not for them. The funeral ceremony is for all family, friends and others connected in some way to the person. Overcoming the pain of a loss is never easy but a meaningful funeral service will help.

At Family Legacy, we believe a funeral isn’t simply a time to mourn. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate your loved one’s unique life. That’s why our professional staff specializes in creating meaningful personal tributes to reflect each unique life lived. Our Life Celebrations are created in conjunction with funerals, as well as other customized ceremonies. Our upbeat services allow you to tell your loved one’s story and honor their one-of-a-kind life.

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