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Published: January 9, 2023
by Crestview Funeral Home, Memory Gardens & Cremation

Not everyone thinks about or plans their own final services in advance, but it is becoming a more popular thing to do. When you have your own cremation services in Gallatin, TN set up, you get a lot of advantages. Your family knows what you want and they don’t have the planning stress, for example. You have peace of mind that what you want is what is going to happen. And you can even pay for the services ahead and relieve family of that burden, too, and pay today’s prices, which will save you money in the long run. If you are ready to talk about the process with your family, here are a few tips that can help you get things in order.

Know Your Wishes

You might want to talk to your closest family member about your future plans and what you might want so you can brainstorm and go over the pros and cons of things. But you should know what you want before you talk to the family group as a whole. It can help you to think things through and organize your thoughts before you move forward with any plans or discussions.

Consider The Choices

It’s a good idea to look through the options and see what feels the best to you. If your loved ones normally have traditional funerals, you might think that’s what you will do as well, but you won’t know for sure that’s the right move for you unless you look at the options and rule others out. To be absolutely certain about what you want, talk to a cremation provider and figure out what feels like the best move for you.

Prepare Yourself For Reactions

While it’s best to warn family that you are going to be talking about this topic, you will still want to be prepared for emotional reactions. Some people might cry at the thought of losing you while others might have a lot of ideas and options they want to bring up. Some may also talk about their own final service wants, and it’s a good time to share those with everyone while you are together.

Choose A Good Time And Location

You don’t want to tack this discussion onto a holiday party you have with your family, but rather you will want a dedicated time for the topic so everyone is in the right mind frame. You should choose a good time and a nice, quiet location where your family won’t be interrupted. Think about a meal at a family home, a private room at a restaurant, or something else of that sort.

Make It A Conversation

While you may have your services lined up with the provider already (or perhaps you don’t!) you can always make changes. When you have your family together, remember that your services are as much about them as they are for you. If you have decided on cremation services in Gallatin, TN, for example, your family might have input about the memorial service based on what they feel they might need. Visit our location for immediate arrangement.



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