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Published: December 26, 2022
by Crestview Funeral Home, Memory Gardens & Cremation

When a loved one passes on, you are likely mostly concerned with their needs. You contact one of the funeral homes in Portland, TN and make sure that person is in good hands. You arrange their visitation, funeral, burial, and the reception you might want to have after that. All of those things will help to honor your loved one and give your family a sense of closure and the chance to say goodbye. After those things are behind you, you will likely have a lot of things that you need to address in your loved one’s belongings. Everyone leaves things behind, after all. Here are some tips that can help you to divide those things up.

Include Everyone You Can Think Of

If your loved one has a house filled with things, you are going to want to include as many people as you think would appreciate having some items. While immediate family is going to take priority, you want your loved one’s best friend to have some things, too. You might be surprised by the neighbors, co-workers, and other people who like having a memento of that person to remember them in the future.

Get Copies Of Pictures

Your loved one might have quite a picture collection and some of those pictures might go way back. You might want to have copies made of the pictures or even create digital files of them so you are able to distribute them to family members who want to keep them for the future as well. Some of those pictures are quite precious to family memories.

Donate When You Are Certain

There are certain things, like perhaps some clothing and other items, that no one is going to want. You can donate those items to charity or other places, but only when you are completely certain that no one in your family is going to want those things. You don’t want to get rid of things too fast only to have regrets later on.

Have Things Appraised

There might be certain things that you aren’t sure about as far as value goes, and that’s okay. You can have appraisers come in and take a look at those items. It might be jewelry, antiques, or other such things. Once you know what they are worth, you can distribute belongings more evenly among the family members. One person might take a valuable ring worth a certain amount and then, someone else can take several jewelry pieces that are going to add up to that same amount.

When you work with the funeral home in Portland, TN on a loved one’s final services, those professionals are going to be there for you, even well down the road. You can contact them for grief support, tips on dividing up belongings, and for any other reason, even once the services are behind you and have been for a while. They have compassion for your experience and are trying their best to help you through any situation you are facing.



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