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Published: November 21, 2022
by Crestview Funeral Home, Memory Gardens & Cremation

There are many things you might want to do around your loved one’s services with funeral homes in Gallatin, TN. To honor them, you first want to take care of their needs. But you also want people to know that they have passed on. People they knew, people who care about you, and so on. It’s an automatic thing to move towards social media when you have something big going on in your life, even when you have experienced a death in your family. Here are a few tips to use social media in the right ways.

Take Time Before Posting

You are going to want to take time before you make any rash posts about your loved one. The minute you get off the phone after hearing the news, don’t run to social media to post about it. Instead, you are going to want to allow time for all of your family to hear the news from the proper people. You certainly don’t want to be the one to inform someone close over social media. Instead, give your grief some time before you post anything at all.

Consider Sharing The Obituary

One nice thing to share that is generally acceptable is to share your loved one’s obituary. It will be written up and placed on the funeral home website and your family can then share it wherever they want. Sharing it on your social media account can let others see what your loved one has passed on. It can be a nice way to reach more people and let them know about your loved one in a respectful manner. Since most people don’t keep a close eye on funeral home websites, sharing the obituary among your friends in that way can spread the word.

Gain Access To Your Loved One’s Account

You might want to get access to your loved one’s account when they pass on so you can announce their death there as well. They may have friends on social media that you don’t know and don’t have access to otherwise. You can post their obituary there or announce their death in another way to ensure more people have access to the information before you shut the account down.

Gather Support

When you use your social media account to post about your loved one’s death, you can gather support for yourself. Reading through the comments people will send about how sorry they are to hear the news and about how they will be thinking about you can really help you to get through the situation.

Ask Family Permission

Before you post much about your loved one, or even to their social media accounts, you might want to discuss it with family to make sure everyone is on board with the idea. There might be some who want to keep certain items around the death private and you should respect that among the family group. Make and advance planning to take consideration of all aspect.

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